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picture of the business owner, Amy Medrano


My name is Amy Medrano and I am the owner of  "GetDuckenClean". We are a home-based small business that enjoys creating handmade goat's milk soap, body butter, bath bombs, and lip balm. We have also partnered with a local craftswoman that creates wonderful car freshies. We have been in business for nearly 2yrs now, and we have made a lot of improvements to the way we make, package, and ship our products. We use all-natural ingredients in each product we sell. Each bar we cut is unique and that is what we love about our soaps and we know you will love them too.  Our body butter and lip balms are unique to us in the way we create them and the fragrances we use are absolutely wonderful. We are proud to introduce 5oz. bath bombs to our product line-up, as well as, 3oz. kids bath bombs. Every product we sell is handmade and we love that about our shop. So come in, shop around, chat with us and let us create the beauty experience you deserve!

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Why Goats Milk Soap?

Goats milk soap is a very creamy soap and the properties that goat's milk provides are amazing. The oils that we put in our product enhance the goat's milk and provide for a unique cleaning experience. 

What if I told you about an all-natural skin care ingredient that smoothed and brightened your complexion and worked wonders on sensitive skin? What if I told you it was gentle enough for babies, but strong enough to repair sun-damaged skin? And what if I told you it came from … goats?

Yes, I’m talking about goat milk, and believe me when I say that this is the milk that does a body (and face) good.

“Goat milk has been used for thousands of years to soothe sensitive skin,” explains Dr. Brent Ridge, co-founder of Beekman 1802. “It’s a starting point for people who have skin issues — especially those who are doing an ‘elimination diet’ from all of their other skincare products and want to start a simpler routine that is kinder and gentler.”

Simple, gentle skincare itself is appealing, but what about results? Good news: this sleeper ingredient is actually quite the workhorse. Much of the credit goes to the lactic acid and moisturizing fatty acids naturally found in goat milk.

If you feel like you’re constantly battling with your skin, many people say goat's milk skincare absolutely lives up to the name.


So what exactly are the benefits of goat's milk soap? Well here are a few you will love. 

  • It is gentle on your skin

  • The Lactic Acid in the soap means more hydration and exfoliation

  • The Fatty acids in Goats milk soap help repair damaged skin

  • Some people claim that it has helped with skin issues and the unscented bars reduce breakouts and help reduce irritation to problem areas.  

According to Wesley, they write, "The high demand for handmade soaps is at an all times high. The organic soap market is expected to reach $260.23 million during 2020-2024. In the years to come, natural soaps will claim a huge size of the global market".

In conclusion: We believe that our product will not only create a happy experience but you will not want to use another soap product again. Away with those chemical-ridden soaps, and enjoy the best of Goat's Milk Soap!

Thank You and we hope that you will give our product a try!

Amy Medrano

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